Notes for Contributors

Each submission is to be accompanied by an electronic cover letter containing the following information: author’s name, author’s affiliation; author’s email, postal address and author’s short biography. The submission letter should confirm that the article is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal. All submissions will be subject to anonymous and external review.

NB: Articles will be peer reviewed critically by at least two referees. On notification by the Editor-in-Chief that a paper has been accepted, a final version of the article should be submitted by e-mail in Microsoft Word.

Book Reviews A book review article should be between 1000-1500 words long, and typed using double-spacing. Reviewers should indicate at the beginning of their review: title, author, location and name of publisher, date, number of pages. An example of the standard format is: Civil Society, Governance and Regional Integration in Africa, edited by Adekunle Amuwo, Hippolyt Pul, and Irene O. Adadevoh, Nairobi:Development Policy Management Forum,2009, xiii+388 pp. $30.00. ISBN 9966 7266 2 4

 Formatting Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, with ample margins on both sides and bear the title of the paper. Use point 12 size font New Roman Times. Referencing The contributors must follow the Chicago style of referencing/In text referencing. The reader can then easily locate the full description of the item you have cited by referring to the corresponding alphabetical list of references (or bibliography) you provide at the end of your document.

Examples for citing within text. 1. In understanding any country’s foreign policy it is important to outline the essential actors, their objectives as well as the overall geographical, historical and strategic factors that are at play (Chigora 2007:171). 2. One or two authors - with names appearing naturally in the text. The relationship between Africa and the East has increased in the contemporary world (Chigora and Chisi (2009, p.149) because of the forces of globalization that have driven the increased interaction of actors across boundaries 3. Three more authors In the case of three or more authors, the first author (from the title page) is followed by ‘et al.’ (this is an abbreviation of the Latin term for ‘and others’). Chigora et al. (2007) 4. If there is no author If you can’t establish the author(s) of a work, include the title within the brackets instead. It has been stated that the prevelance rate high for those aged 30-39 (Preventing HIV/AIDS, 2009). 5. Source is cited within another book For sources that you have not actually seen but which are referred to in another work, cite both the original source and the secondary source where you read it. Smith (1990, quoted in Gibbs 1998, p.78) 6. If the citation is a direct quotation, enclose this in quotation marks and include the page number(s) in the brackets as well. For example: (Chigora, 2007, pp.182) 7. Bibliography The bibliography appears at the end of your work. It is organised alphabetically and is evidence of all the sources you have used in your research. Sample Bibliography BOOKS Evans, G. and Newnham, J. (1990) The Dictionary of World Politics.2nd ed. Herdfordshire: Harvester BWheatsheaf. E-book Dronke, P. (1968) Medieval Latin and the rise of European love-lyric [Internet]. Oxford, Oxford University Press. Available from: netLibrary < [Accessed 6 March 2001]. Edited book Cliffe, L. (1989) ‘The Prospects for Agricultural Transformation in Zimbabwe. In: Stoneman C and Cliffe L (ed) Zimbabwe Politics, Economics and Society. London, Printer Publishers. JOURNAL ARTICLES Brack, E.V. (1996) Computing and short courses. LIS-Link 2 May 1996 Chigora P. & Chisi, H.T. (2009) The Eight Years of Interaction: Lessons from Zimbabwe’s Look East Policy and the Future of African Countries and Asia-Pacific Region. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 10 (4) Winter , pp. 147-161. MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS Moyo. Q. (2009) What will come out of the SADC Troika meeting today. Chronicle, 5 November 2009, p.4. INTERNET Rowett, S. (1998) Higher Education for capability: autonomous learning for life and work [Internet], Higher Education for Capability. Available from: <> [Accessed 8 August 2000]. E-journal from Glasbergen, P. & Groenenberg, R. (2001) Environmental partnerships in the Internet sustainable energy. European Environment [Internet], January/February, 11(1), pp.1-13. Available from: <>[Accessed 12 August 2001]. Email – discussion list [Internet discussion list]. Available from: <> [Accessed 15 April 2009]., retrieved on 01.03.2007. TV PROGRAMME Talking Business. (2009) Investing in Zimbabwe. Harare, ZTV, 20 October, [video: VHS]. WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS Chigora, P and Guzura, T. (2009) The Politics of the Government of National Unity (GNU) and Power Sharing in Zimbabwe: Challenges and Prospects for Democracy, AEGIS Thematic Conference workshop on Power Sharing Agreements in Africa: Implications for Peace, Democracy and Societal Trust, , Hamburg, Germany 1-2 October. VIDEO/DVD Saving Private Ryan. (2004), Directed by Freddy Burker, Sony Pictures (video:DVD). THESIS AND DISSERTATION Chigora, P. (2003) The Implication of Land Issue on Zimbabwe’s Foreign policy: A case of the Decline in Relations with Britain 1995-2002, Msc International Relations. thesis, University of Zimbabwe. PERSONAL E-MAIL Chigora, P. (, 6 June 2009. Re: Electoral violence in Mutoko. Email to E. Ziso ( ACT Government of Zimbabwe (2002). Public Order and Securitry Act. Proofs Proofs will be sent as PDF files via e-mail to the author (s). Proofs are supplied for checking and making essential typographical corrections, not for general revision, alteration or changes to illustrations, which will not be allowed. Proofs must be returned to the Editor-in-Chief within 72 hours. NB: The ultimate decision on whether or not an article or book review will be published remains with the Editor-in-Chief.

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