About Us

Our Vision

The SSRCT does both commissioned and non-commissioned researches and consultancy on social science issues. The Trust draws its membership from multi-lateral and bilateral organizations, Non Governmental organisations, individual researchers, academics, civil society organizations, and research oriented institutions.

The SSRCT seeks to train, research, analyze, and stimulate public debate on issues affecting development through publications, advocacy and lobbying, conferences, and seminars with the aim of effecting change and transformation for the betterment of the world

The SSRCT offers an advisory role to institutions involved in social science issues and can be consulted to carryout tasks on formulation, implementation monitoring and evaluation of projects

Our Objectives

  1. To research, publish and clarify on issues related to social science research.
  2. To establish linkages for funding of capital intensive researches on social science issues.
  3. To give platform for interaction to researchers, intellectuals, leaders, opinion makers, activists and the general populace.
  4. To offer advisory services as part of capacity building to institutions and individuals concerned with development
  5. to offer specialized training programmes
  6. To organise workshops to encourage debate and sharing of information pertaining to the fields of social science and development in General
  7. To disseminate knowledge through publication of researches.

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